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How often has a family pet been part of the memorable events of your life? We love our pets like our own family, and sometimes more ;-) . As you can see from the pictures above, Carol is a dog person. However, pet planning can be done for dogs, cats, horses, birds and any other animal that has a special place in your heart. 

In the eyes of the law,  pets are property. Click here to read an article from Carol's blog that explains this.  If you would like to watch a segment where her dog Jake was featured in an article on estate planning for pets, click here.

For this reason, it is important to consider your pets in your advance planning. Provisions need to be included that would allow a designated agent to arrange care for your pets if you are disabled. Planning for the worst case, you also need to make written arrangements for the care of your pets if you die before them. 

We help clients understand these issues and make plans ranging from very simple provisions, to more complicated pet trusts that provide a stipend for the pet's care over what may be a long life.

If you want to talk about this during your appointment, we can certainly include the care of your pets in your planning. They will appreciate it!

Pets are part of the family. Include them in your advance planning.