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Our Response to COVID-19

We know that uncertainty is one of the worst things our clients have to face. This current health crisis adds one more layer of uncertainty to situations that are already very tough.

Here’s what we can tell you.

All of us at Wessels & Liebau share the concerns you may be experiencing over the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus.) We are taking the steps we need to take to keep our staff and clients safe, and to slow the spread of the virus. At the same time, we are maintaining our ability to serve our clients. You can still call the office during our normal business hours and talk with a real person. Fortunately, we have most of our client services already set up to operate remotely, including our phones, computers and case management. This way we can continue to work for you no matter where we are. We have appointments available by video conference, or plain old telephone, for prospective new clients and existing clients. While this is a time of change, we recognize that the significant legal needs of elders and people with disabilities do not stop because there is a crisis, and in fact new concerns may arise. We are here to help.

At this time, we are limiting in-person appointments to things that cannot legally be handled in a remote manner, such as estate plan signings or signature of court paperwork. In some cases, we may be able to offer curbside signing of documents. For more complex matters, we have socially-distant conference rooms that are cleaned professionally on a regular basis. 

If you have a case involving the court system, most circuit court hearings continue to take place remotely via Zoom for the immediate future. Most paperwork is filed electronically via the court's e-filing system. We can guide you through this process. 

For our existing clients, we will keep working on your case. We will keep you updated on any changes in deadlines or hearing dates. We will keep in contact with our local court systems and government agencies to make sure we know what is going on as much as possible. When things need to be rescheduled or postponed, we will be proactive. As a convenience, we have added a process for you to pay your bill securely online, which you can do by clicking  the PAY NOW button in the invoices we are now sending by email.

For new clients, we know that elder law emergencies and other time-sensitive legal matters don’t take a break, even for health crises. Therefore, we continue to take new client matters. You can arrange for a video conference or phone appointment by calling our office at 262-264-7702.

While we pride our office on personalized service, we unfortunately will have to be a bit less personal than usual for the time being. Most in-person meetings will be replaced with phone calls, emails or video-conferences. Dropping in unannounced will be discouraged, and we will ask that if you have information to share with us about your case, you call or email, or use our client portal to upload your documents, You can also mail copies to us, since we will check our mail regularly.  We dislike this decrease in in-person contact as much as you do. It’s going to require a bit of patience on the part of everyone as we work to figure this out.

Our goals are to continue to provide outstanding legal work while also keeping us all safe. 

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